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Includes 10 mg of live resin Delta 9 THC Find out more

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Unveil a world of carnival delight with YUMZ LAB's Farm Bill Compliant Delta-9 THC Cotton Candy Gummies. These edibles take you on a journey to the nostalgic midway of your memories with their perfectly playful cotton candy flavor.

Right from the first bite, an explosion of sweetness swirls across your palate. The subtle blend of sugary fluff and a hint of berry, reminiscent of freshly spun cotton candy, will transport you back to summer fairs and amusement parks. But these are not your average childhood treats. Carefully crafted with Delta-9 THC, these gummies bring an exhilarating new layer to your flavor adventure.

Delight in the gentle, steady buzz that builds as you chew, each gummy a masterful balance of euphoria and taste sensation. A soft, juicy texture, each bite promises a unique consistency that melts in your mouth, making your experience all the more enjoyable.

With YUMZ LAB's Cotton Candy THC Gummies, you're not just consuming an edible, you're indulging in a nostalgic journey, one that's filled with frothy sweetness and an exhilarating thrill. Discover the magic of the fairground mixed with a hint of rebellion, all packaged in a fun, vibrant, and downright delicious gummy treat. Always remember to consume responsibly and enjoy the ride!

Includes 10 mg of live resin Delta 9 THC

Farm Bill Compliant and Legal in Most States

Enjoy Cotton Candy, Sour Apple or Fruit Punch

Vegan and Gluten-Free

Must be 21 Years or Older to Purchase

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