Lemon Lime Delta-9 Gummies - (30ct) 300mg

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10mg THC per gummy Find out more

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Your favorite THC for off-the-clock vibes.

Delta-9 THC Gummies by Cannabis Life are made with the same THC you know and love. (Delta-9 is just part of the chemical name of the compound.) Our 10mg Lemon-Lime gummies are double-strength - pop one and you’ll unlock ultimate relaxation bliss, right when you need it most.

Why it's special

  • Our Lemon-Lime flavor is sweet, tangy and really delicious.
  • Each gummy is double-strength, and includes 10mg Delta-9 THC derived from hemp grown on American farms.
  • Each jar has 30 gummies - perfect to share with friends.
  • Every batch is tested by an independent lab, ensuring quality in every bite!
  • Note: Delta-9 THC may cause feelings of intoxication and impairment. Please use responsibly.

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